Spotlight Character Michael Rezendes

In the movie Spotlight, character Michael Rezendes, played by Mark Ruffalo, portrayed exemplary journalistic qualities. Rezendes was very knowledgable in his field of work and made sure that this case was his top priority. Rezendes was a dedicated investigative journalist and because of this, was successful in helping to reveal a lot of information in the case.

One example of why Rezendes was a good journalist is because he asked the victims if he could record their conversations before talking to them and respected them if their answer was no. He also did not push the victims into revealing their names in the story as well. For example, he spoke with one male victim and at first the male did not want to reveal his name, but as the interview concluded, he changed his mind because he felt comfortable and wanted to prevent the corruption in the church from happening to other children. Rezendes also had a conversation with Mitchell Garabedian towards the end of the film and Garabedian told Rezendes important information that was “off the record”. Rezendes respected his request and was able to use the information to help uncover more about the case.

Rezendes was a character that showed dedication and persistence in the case. When people did not wish to speak with him, he would form relationships with them first to gain their trust, as seen in the relationship with him and Garabedian.  When he knew that there were documents that were made available to the public, he waited all night until someone opened the office the next morning to view the documents. When Garabedian was too busy to speak with him, Rezendes walked in the room and spoke with him anyway because he knew that Garabedian would be a useful source of information.

Rezendes believed that it was morally wrong to not release the little information that they had to the public because he believed that they had the right to know what was going on. Rezendes had spent so much time and effort on the case that he wanted to release the information that they already found, without waiting for the whole story.

Rezendes gradually felt a strong connection towards the case against the Church. He was disgusted at the level of corruption in the Church, which made him work even harder to find more guilty priests involved in the case. Michael Rezendes showed valuable qualities that a successful journalist should have and showed me that some journalists really do value getting the most important information to the public.


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