How to Win the Internet

Liz Heron does a great job at pointing out that there has been a switch in how we are given our news in her video How to Win the Internet.  She was once found in a situation where she was the only one with really important news and it took her a couple of hours to make sure the story was correct for her to send out the story. This, however, is not how we get news now.

We used to get our news through the “old news cycle,” according to Heron. This meant that one person would be delivering the news to many other people. The story was very linear and it was defined by “gatekeepers”, a smaller group of people who deliver news for their profession.

We now use the “internet news cycle,” according to Heron. This means that news has now become participatory, which means that everyone has the power to “report and distribute news.” It is also nonlinear and is defined by people from all over, not just people whose job it is find and report news.

Heron stresses the idea of “democratization,” meaning that everyone has the power to rely news onto others now. Although this information may be false, it is still allowed to be circulated through the Internet. It is, however, the job of the reporters and journalists to try and stray people away from all of this false information and inform people of ways to avoid this problem.

Journalists can use social media in many ways, like contacting sources. According to Amanda Eldridge, social media can “provide journalists with a vehicle of self-promotion.”According to the Washington Post, journalists can use social media for “finding ideas for stories and staying in touch with audiences.”

Social media can cause many ethical issues in newsgathering. There is always a chance that the information is not true, which lowers the credibility of the publisher and relays incorrect information to the public. Some people may use other peoples’ information if they do not properly give them credit. Also, since everyone can report news, the correct information may be overshadowed by false news.

Liz Heron was right when she says that there has been a change in how we get our news. Since there was a change, we have to do everything we can to make sure that the right news is being relayed to the people.



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